Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Market Assessment, Size and Forecast Till 2021

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a pressurized room or tube in which patients are exposed to oxygen enriched environment. Breathing pure oxygen is known to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions such as decompression sickness, altitude sickness, anemia, arterial gas embolism, chronic wounds, radiation injury, burns and CO gas poisoning. Hyperbaric treatment enhances the body’s healing process as hemoglobin enriched with oxygen can reduce tissue necrosis and promote healing factors. The oxygen molecules decrease in size as they are in a pressurized environment and are able to dissolve into the blood plasma.

This report estimates the market for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) therapy in terms of value ($ millions) and provides analysis of upcoming treatment application areas. The report covers monoplace, multiplace and topox HBOT technologies. Topical oxygen, or Topox, is administered through a small chamber or device placed over an extremity or a body part and pressurized with oxygen. The patient does not breathe the oxygen, rather the particular portion of the body is exposed to pure oxygen. This treatment is not systemic but helps with external wounds and burns. Altitude and decompression sickness are often observed among climbers and scuba divers. A scientific study by Dauphin Island Sea Lab yielded an overall incidence of DCI to be 0.93/10,000 person-dives for recreational, instructional/guided, commercial and/or military diving. However, HBOT finds significant applications in treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning and burn victims and greatest in treatment of gangrene and chronic wounds. The growing incidence of chemical burns and fire burns across the world has diverted the attention of the market to growing applications of topical HBOT. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) market by end-users is divided into three major entities; hospitals, private settings, commercial diving industry, nursing facilities and other government institutional facilities.

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The report will enable for HBOT clinics to estimate the risks, competition and market dynamics in order to expand to other medical conditions that show benefits of HBOT to a certain degree; although they considered off-label indications. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy devices market is clustered in western hemisphere primarily due to greater adoption, awareness and accessibility. Notable players include OxyHealth LLC, ETC Biomedical, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics, Sechrist Industries, Perry Baromedical, BaroxHBO and SMP Ltd (UK).

NOTE: This report is currently under research and will be made available to clients on request.

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