CAD/CAM and 3D Printing Expected to Drive Dental Prosthetics and Consumables Market

Dental prosthetics are intraoral devices placed to restore loss of teeth and their function in mastication and sometimes speech. Prosthetics and consumables include devices such as dentures, crowns, bridges and wires. Prosthetic dentistry forms a core part of the Use of biomaterials and ceramics has increased significantly in the past few years in this field. Improving technology such as CAD/CAM designing and 3D printing has enabled the production and manufacturing of specially designed and uniquely fitting prosthetics and consumables. These technologies have increased the comfort of patients multi-fold as dental prosthetics match perfectly to their oral structures. Dental universities are placing greater emphasis in their curricula on implant and CAD/CAM-based treatments and guided surgery. Conventional dentures are no longer the standard of care, given their disadvantages such as poor adhesion, potential bone loss, speaking problems, loss of taste, discomfort, and repetitive investments in denture work. Growth of this market for the past years and for the forecast can be attributed to the increasing incidence of oral cancers, dental caries, and water fluoridation in developing countries. Increasing incidence of facial trauma and accidents leading to dental damage has also been a significant factor driving this market. Several population studies have also shown a direct relation to growth in consumption of tobacco and caffeinated products that stain teeth and eventually lead to expensive dental procedures for removing stains.

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North America and Europe still lead the market with the largest number of dental procedures including tooth extraction, fillers, root canals, implants and bracing required in every age group; however the market is challenged by the unregulated reimbursement in most countries and highly expensive nature of dental procedures in North America. Dental Medical tourism in Asia-Pacific, Central and South America has thus attributed significantly to the growth of the market. Large companies have already established subsidiaries in emerging economic regions to capitalize the growth. Acquisition of Dental Speed Graph in May 2014 helped Henry Schein access the Brazilian market and the company is strengthening its position in the Americas and Europe.

Approximately 65% of the dental prosthetics and consumables market is controlled by large international players and primarily driven by research and development. Local players mostly compete at a domestic level and provide imitations of popular devices. Due to the greatly reduced cost of the local vendors, the products are accepted at a greater level in emerging nations and lesser developed regions of the world. However due to the maturity of the market, there is a significant challenge for new entrants in the market. The dental prosthetics, implants and consumables market is highly fragmented with companies slugging it out even at a local level. Consolidation in the top companies continues as companies such as Astra Tech and BioHorizons were acquired. In recent news Keystone Industries acquired The Harry J Bosworth Company; however the biggest news was the sale of Nobel Biocare by Danaher. Companies such as Dentsply International Inc, Danaher Corp, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Sirona Dental Systems, Straumann Holding AG, Planmeca Oy and Henry Schein dominate this market. Some other notable players in this market are Biolase Inc, Carestream Health, DCI International, Hu-Friedy and Midmark Corp.

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