Incontinence Care Products and Devices Market Expected to Grow to US$ 13,747.7 Million by 2019

The inability to control the evacuative urination or defecation functions of the body is known as incontinence. Urinary and fecal incontinence involves the loss of control of bladder function and bowel or fecal evacuation. Some of the medical conditions such as excess urine formation, enlarged prostate, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, muscle damage, and loss of storage capacity in the rectum can cause urinary and fecal incontinence. A large population globally, including both the aged and adolescent, suffers from chronic urinary and fecal incontinence problems, due to which the global market for incontinence care and management products is lucrative for the manufacturers and distributors of various kinds of adult diapers. Incontinence is also a common effect of spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)?injuries that predominantly affect young men, many of them military veterans. The global Incontinence Care Products and Devices Market was valued at US$ 9,861.3 million in 2014 and expected to grow to US$ 13,747.7 million by 2019 at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2015 to 2019.

Market Drivers:

  • Rising geriatric population
  • Increasing awareness and acceptance of incontinence as a debilitating condition
  • Increasing demand for personalized products

Market Challenges:

  • Presence of substitutes such as drug therapy, surgery, nerve stimulation, catheterization and use of devices.
  • Low cost manufacturers. Increased penetration of private label brands, at discounted prices, has led to decrease in the overall average price of a product.

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Products Covered In This Report:

  • Adult Diapers (Underwear & Briefs, Pads & Guards)
  • Liners & Drip Collection
  • Foley Catheters
  • Intermittent/Robinson Catheters
  • Male External Catheters
  • Urinary Drainage Bags
  • Artificial Urinary Sphincters
  • Artificial Bowel Sphincters
  • Male Incontinence Slings & Meshes
  • Female Incontinence Slings & Meshes
  • Pessaries (Ring, GellHorn, Clamps, Others)
  • Sacral Nerve Stimulation
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Key Vendors:

  • American Medical Systems
  • Axonics Modulation
  • B Braun Melsungen AG
  • R. Bard Inc
  • ColoPlast
  • Congentix Medical
  • Johnson & Johnson Ethicon
  • Laborie Medical Technologies, Inc
  • Medtronic – Covidien
  • Medtronic Inc
  • Ontex
  • Pelvalon Inc
  • StimGuard
  • Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA)
  • UniCharm

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